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In addition to our wide selection of fastening tools and fasteners for industrial and construction uses, Fast Pack is your source for all packaging products, making Fast Pack your one stop for all industrial needs. We carry a complete selection of strapping, stretch film, paper, tapes, bags, adhesives and other packaging equipment.


Polypropylene Strapping
Available in hand or machine grades, polypropylene is a very affordable plastic strap and appropriate for most uses. Unlike other plastic strapping, polypropylene does not require the use of scored seals and has been embossed to strengthen the strap dimensionally. It can be heat sealed or used with our sealless friction weld tools.

Polyester Strapping
The strongest plastic strapping available, polyester is easily recyclable and is also available in both machine and hand grades. Compared to other plastics, polyester has the highest initial tension and can retain that tension well over time. Its smooth surface requires the use of scored seals; it can also be used with our friction weld tools or heat sealed.


Carton Sealing Tape
Carton Sealing Tape is an acrylic tape available in a variety of widths. Acrylics offer a consistent quality experience, ease of use, as well as high clarity and UV stability. Carton Sealing Tape performs well across a myriad of temperatures, both indoors and out.

Machine Grade
Made for use with all machine tapers, our machine grade tape unwinds smoothly and firmly for rapid, controlled, convenient application every time.

Color Coded Tape
The perfect solution to avoid shipping and packaging mix-ups, our color coded tape keeps your packages clearly identified and organized. Constructed with a durable acrylic adhesive, our color coded tape applies to virtually any surface and is ideal for dating inventory, product coding and warehouse location.

Stretch/Shrink Films

An extremely durable and economical method of unitization, our handwrap film is the right choice to secure and protect pallet loads of all types and weights. Our handwrap maintains excellent cling characteristics regardless of temperature and is extremely strong and tear resistant to maintain load integrity.

One of the easiest to use films ever manufactured, Palmwrap comes complete with built-in handles, making it exceptionally convenient. It' s available in clear or color films and outperforms tape and strapping at a lower cost per use.

Masterfilm lets you do away with the inefficient methods of packaging, including tying, taping, boxesing and banding. It' s a narrow width stretch film whose built-in handles make its use a cinch.

StrengthWrap M
Using a patented manufacturing process, our StrengthWrap M is actually pre-stretched, making the film even stronger and allowing you to skip the step of stretching the film. Instead, simply pull with low to moderate tension when wrapping and the load type will determine how taut the film needs to be.

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